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Erik Bohlin, M.A. - Counselor
Welcome. I am a professional counselor specializes in recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors. Anxiety, obsessive thinking, panic and depression are often underneath addiction and so I have have a lot of tools to offer to help people get free.  In addition, I specialize in working with sexual addiction, compulsive gambling and compulsive overeating. 

The struggle
Ever since the beginning of time we struggle. In fact, struggling is a part of life. We struggle with problems and with others. We struggle with ourselves. Some of us have learned how to struggle in a resourceful way to make progress in this journey. Some of us, maybe even most of us, resist the struggle, the pain, and the suffering. If we have the correct perspective and the necessary skills, we can learn to let go of the struggle.

When should we go to counseling?
People go to counseling when they seem to be making little progress on their own. They also go to speed up their recovery in getting to their goals.  When relationships are beginning to be more destructive than nurturing. Looking for patterns is the key. All of us have problems and most of the time, we can solve them. When we are sad, anxious, and stressed it may be part of living.  But sometimes issues of depression, anxiety, stress and anger can become habitual and we get stuck doing the same thing. Addiction can range from alcoholism to sexual addiction to gambling to money issues codependency and drug addiction. Marital patterns of lacking of communication and distancing can even result in the dysfunction of verbal and physical abuse. Professional addiction counseling can help people break those patterns and enter a process of recovery towards greater health.   

A safe place
How many of us find it safe to talk about our true selves?  We hide in many ways.  Without honesty there is little or no growth.  Counseling can be that place to share honestly what is bothering us.  An atmosphere of trust and confidentiality is essential for open sharing to occur.  Setting judgment aside and discovering why we are doing what we are doing can be helpful.  There are reasons why we do what we do.

Feel free to look around the website and check out the articles section and links.   Check out Erik's Blog.   If you are ready to give us a call, you can call me at 425-334-8916 or email me or send a secure confidential contact form.  I have an office in Lake Stevens.  I have been helping individuals, marriages, families and children since 1989 serving the cities of Everett, Lynnwood, Snohomish, Marysville, Clearview, Mt. Vernon, Mukilteo, Edmonds and Seattle.  I am both state and nationally certified as a counselor.  For more information about my credentials and experience click here.

Costs and Insurance

The fee for a 1 hour counseling appointment is $130.  Insurance typically covers if you have Blue Cross or Blue Shield.  I am a preferred provider with both Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  If you have another insurance they may cover me at an "out of network" rate. 


At this time I do not offer a sliding scale.  I do other therapists I can refer who offer this. 


Hours that I offer counseling are Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm.  On  rare occasions I will stay a little later.


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Erik Bohlin, M.A., LMHC  

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