Videos for Recovery









Videos with Erik Bohlin, M.A.


The Cycle of Sexual Addiction


Great Sexual Addiction Awareness Video





This little clip explains the use of the handout "Constructive Feedback."

Constructive Feedback


Sympathetic Nervous System and Parasympathetic Nervous System


Anger Management Handout


The Debtors Slide


Freedom from Compulsive Debting



Back to the Basics


Back to the Basics Part 1



Back to Basics Part 2



Back to Basics Part 3


Back to Basics Part 4




A great TED talk about the role of nutrition in treatment and preventing mental illness.  This researcher, Julia Rucklidge brings up facts that should not be ignored.




How a Woman change her brain - She had mental blocks which she overcame.



Trailer for the Documentary Generation RX - exposes the criminality of the FDA and Pharmaceutical Companies



Neuroplasticity and the Brain


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