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1. Does your mate feel free to share her thoughts and feelings with you?


2.  If a stranger knew everything about your relationship with your mate, would he

or she say you have a "happy marriage?" If not, who is mostly responsible?


3.  Has your spouse ever said to you that she is afraid of you?


4.  Does she avoid conflict with you?


5.  Has your partner ever received a bruise as a result of your actions?


6.  Have you ever broken an "object (glass, chair, vase, ashtray, etc.) during,

or right after, an argument?


7.  Have you ever called your spouse a "bitch," “whore" or "crazy?"


8.  Has your wife ever accused you of being angry and you disagreed?


9.  Have you ever hurt yourself punching or kicking a wall etc.?


10.  Have you ever been taken by surprise by your anger?


11.  Have you ever been "blind" with rage, or couldn't remember what you

did when angry?


12.  Would your wife say that you have ever slapped her?


13.  Have you ever ripped her clothes when angry?


14.  When angry, have you shaken your fist at her?


15. Does drinking alcohol affect your anger?


16.  Does your spouse ever call the police or think of calling the police?



If you answered no to questions 1 - 2, or yes to questions 3 - 16,

you may have a anger problem.



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