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  • The Beast of Anger - Fr. George Morelli, Ph.D., orthodox Christian priest and psychologist.  Excellence integration of psychological techniques of managing anger and early Christian thought.

  • Fewer Panic Attacks with Talk Therapy - from WebMD University of Washington researcher Peter P. Roy-Byrne, MD, and colleagues report the findings in the March 2005 issue of Archives of General Psychiatry of how people respond to "talk therapy" for panic disorder.

  • When Panic Attacks - from WebMD

  • Boundaries article by James Messina, Ph.D.  Nicely written.

Brain Health

Cell Phones and our Brain Health? While the evidence is not conclusive, there is some evidence you might want to know about.

  • Research in Israel might indication damage to the lens of the eye due to cell phone use.

  • Henry Lai and Narendra "N.P." Singh had results indicating that the radiation could cause DNA damage in brain cells.  This article in the UW Alumni discusses the research and the political pressure from cell phone companies.

  • The Reflex Report (2004)  Twelve institutes in seven countries have found genotoxic effects and modified expressions on numerous genes and proteins after radio frequency and extremely low frequency EMF exposure at low levels, below current international safety guidance, to living cells in-vitro. These results confirm the likelihood of long-term genetic damage in the blood and brains of users of mobile phones and other sources of electromagnetic fields. The idea behind the REFLEX study was to attempt replicate damage already reported to see if the effects were real and whether, or not, more money should be spent of research into the possible adverse health effects of EMF exposure. They concluded that in-vitro damage is real and that it is important to carry out much more research, especially monitoring the long-term health of people.

  • Taking Charge of Stress for Children - pamphlet prepared for Iowa State University Extension by Virginia Molgaard, Human Development and Family Studies

Counseling Daily Devotions
  • The Daffodil Principle - this amazing story tells of how a woman plants a garden of 50,000 daffodils all by herself and the impact it has on her community.  The principle of doing things in small steps to achieve an overwhelming effect on life is known as the Daffodil Principle.  Here is a link to Gene Bauer's Daffodil Garden in California.

Depression Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy - basic definition, FAQ's from BehavioralTech in Seattle, WA.  Therapy useful for those who struggle with emotional regulation and self harm developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D at the University of Washington.

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Sex Addiction Resources for Men and Women

Podcast and Recordings

Sexual Addiction Resources for Women

  • Dirty Little Secret - great article on women who struggle with internet sex addiction in Christianity Today.

  • Testimony of Marnie Ferree - Professional Counselor who is a Christian who worked through Sex Addiction

  • Bethesda Workshops - Ministry of Marnie Ferree, MA who helps women who struggle with sexual addiction.

Sexual Orientation Sleep, Behavior and Mood


  • Taking Charge of Stress for Children - pamphlet prepared for Iowa State University Extension by Virginia Molgaard, Human Development and Family Studies


Weight Problems
  • The Science of Fat - video cast by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Comes in four lectures.  To watch video click on the video on demand at this site.  Great lectures!


Addiction 12-Step Worksheets

Here are some of my favorite and useful information and worksheets for working the 12 steps.


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  • Prayer of Tranquility -this prayer is really useful for the recovering person as well as anybody.  It comes to us from the Elders at the Optina Monastery.

  • The Sobriety Prayer - this paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13 substitutes the word, "sobriety" with love.  While taking liberty with Scripture in this way has it challenges, the truth is compelling.

  • To Let Go -this is a great listing of what it means to let go and to not control another person.  To "care about" rather than "care for" is one of the shifts in thinking freedom from codependency.

  • Third Step Prayer - this prayer from Alcoholics Anonymous is a foundation prayer where one prayers often on a daily basis to surrender their will and their life to the care of God.


Sexual Abuse


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