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Addiction 12-Step Worksheets

Here are some of my favorite and useful information and worksheets for working the 12 steps.


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  • Prayer of Tranquility -this prayer is really useful for the recovering person as well as anybody.  It comes to us from the Elders at the Optina Monastery.

  • The Sobriety Prayer - this paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13 substitutes the word, "sobriety" with love.  While taking liberty with Scripture in this way has it challenges, the truth is compelling.

  • To Let Go -this is a great listing of what it means to let go and to not control another person.  To "care about" rather than "care for" is one of the shifts in thinking freedom from codependency.

  • 3rd Step Prayer - this prayer from Alcoholics Anonymous is a foundation prayer where one prayers often on a daily basis to surrender their will and their life to the care of God.

  • 7th Step Prayer

  • 11th Step Prayer

  • Set Aside Prayer

Recovery Relationships

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